• Griffith  Littlehale

    Griffith Littlehale is a traditional Midwest Americana personality, having grown up in Toledo, OH. He graduated from St. Francis De Sales High School in 2018 with honors, ranking eighth in his class. He was also an All-American Swimmer in 2017-2018. Griffith graduated with honors beyond the usual class pass and completion.
    Griffith chose psychology as his subject in college, with a focus on clinical work, as indicated by his current 4.0 PGA pursuing a bachelor's degree in the discipline at the University of Toledo. Griffith earned the President's Education Award for his first-year performance. Griffith was also recognized by the Jesup Scott Honors College and the Kappa Psi Fraternity for his academic achievements.


    Griffith's spiritual life has always been a part of his upbringing, so it's no surprise he still gives back. During high school, he volunteered at local churches and fed the needy. Aside from church work, Griffith has found opportunities to volunteer at United Way food drives and other charity events during his school breaks.
    When he isn't thinking about behavioral psychology, Griffith is working on his other passion, graphic design. Using digital tools and internet media, Griffith has been honing his creative talents as a sideline to his core study. Griffith began building a portfolio of accomplished professional tasks and presentations through school-related marketing and college gatherings. His first commissions were for a local theater performance and event posters. As an alternate project, Griffith designed Thanksgiving and Christmas cards for a local church, including their logo.


    Griffith, like most college students his age, had exposure to classics, which sparked an interest in liberal literature of philosophy and poetry. His favorite writers are Bret Easton Ellis and Edgar Allen Poe. Griffith has discovered a passion for reading Descartes and Oscar Wilde's writings. While Griffith has no ambitions to be a writer, his studies of many classics have enriched his higher thinking and philosophy.

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